Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Strong Silent Type

Our little man is 20 months old now. According to one of my parenting bibles, the Raising Children Network he should be saying 10-50 words. Hmmm. I think I am probably a bit picky in acknowledging 'words' and might not be cutting him enough slack. Here's a list of sound symbols dujour:
oof oof (dog)
at (cat / Moses)
dop! (stop / no)
bvvvv (brum / cars)
... (mouth popping for fish)
atar (water)
tick tock (clock)
ooo? (where is/ what happened to?)
ta (thankyou)

It's really hard not to compare, when all the littlies at playgroup are naming body parts and spontaneously chatting away. C'mon lovely boy, I know your day is coming soon! (we are going to speech therapy and reading heaps with him, trying to talk as much as possible, trying to give him some space and room to vocalise before jumping in enthusiastically - first time parents, sheesh, give a kid a break!)

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